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Essence VS. Serum What’s the difference anyway?

by Blush Rose |

Thanks to the rise of Korean beauty, Essence has become a word we hear a lot when it comes to our skincare routine. But what is it? And what’s the difference between an essence and a serum?

To understand the difference, we asked the best in the industry to explain to us what differentiates these two products. According to Charolette Cho from Sokoglam, essence and serum are the most essential steps in your skincare routine but “You'll see more results from essence than any other product because it treats skin on a cellular level”. Essence usually contains concentrated active ingredients that targets wrinkles, fine lines, and dull uneven skin to optimize your skin’s natural cells turnover rate. It adds a level of hydration before applying your serum. When you use essence regularly, you will notice a big difference in your skins texture and it will become brighter and more radiant. For a youthful, flawless skin, Korean beauty gugus always advise to add this step into your skincare routine. Essence is used in the morning and at night right after cleansing the face, it should be applied after your toner but before your serums, oils, and cream.

Pro tip – Always tap your products on your face, it increases absorptions and is better for your skin!

What is a serum?

Serums usually contain specific ingredients to target very specific issues such as dark spots, brightening skin, wrinkles etc. The active ingredients in serums are usually more potent and more concentrated but target only a specific issue. Serums are a little thicker than an essence and will have a slightly different texture.

So what should we use?

Don’t listen to marketing slogans and use what feels right on your skin. After you figure out the ingredients you need for you skin’s issues, you can choose the right products for your skins needs. Don’t forget that skincare routine should constantly evolve depending on what your skin needs.


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